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JP Crimi Holding Feet - breathwork teacher training - online breathwork training

Why I decided to offer Online Breathwork Training

My life’s purpose is to share the powerful life-changing results that Breathwork brings to as many people as humanly possible.

Why? Because it has done so much for me personally.

At the end of my life my time on this planet will have had meaning and purpose by helping others free themselves from their negative stuff (Trauma, Self-Judgment, and Negativity). I can only lead so many Breathwork Teacher Trainings a year and not everyone can easily make it to Los Angeles for my In-Person Breathwork Trainings. I often get emails from people in Australia, England and South America asking if I could put my Breathwork Training Online.

I’m excited to announce that both my breathwork teacher trainings “Basic’s & One-on-One” and “How to Lead Couples & Groups” will be available online.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy making these the best possible breathwork trainings I can to give you the tools you need to help transform lives. Including your own.

What can I expect to get from the Breathwork Training Online?

These are NOT webinars or recorded Skype sessions. I have shot both breathwork trainings live with multiple cameras to create the closest possible experience to actually being there. They’ve been professionally edited to give you exactly what you need to feel confident leading One-one-One sessions, Couples Sessions, and group classes. We only edited out the students doing their actual Partnered Breathwork Sessions and Self-transformation work which is all covered in the Five-Day Emotional Detox Course.

I believe your own personal Transformation is vital to becoming a Breathwork Facilitor that I’ve made that course part of the Online Breathwork Training Package and I recommend you start with that first before you dive into the Teacher Training Courses.

I always suggest doing the breathwork training in-person if possible but for a lot of people that’s just not a realistic option. One of the benefits to doing breathwork training online is not only can you go at your own pace but you can re-watch certain segments over and over to make sure you have it down. I often need to hear certain things several times in order for something to sink in, let alone for me to be able to re-share it to a group. When you purchase these Online Breathwork Training Courses you will have lifetime access to them.

Some of the things you will learn in the two Online Breathwork Trainings are:

  • What is tetney (Claw hands) how and why it happens, and how to help prevent it.
  • Different types of breathing issues some people experience such as “Paradoxical Breathing” and how to correct it.
  • Some of the physical sensations that can happen during a session and how to help people relax and feel safe.
  • What questions to ask the client at the beginning of the breathwork session.
  • How and why to prepare yourself before a breathwork session.
  • How to clear your space before and after a breathwork session.
  • How to ground a client at the end of the session.
  • How to clear the negative and dark energy some people might be carrying or holding onto.
  • How to do embodied affirmations, teach them to the client, help the client set up their own affirmation and shift their energy using the affirmation technique.
  • How to guide a Couples Breathwork Session and watch a relationship transform before your eyes.
  • You will gain confidence in your ability to explain the Breathwork Technique to a group.
  • You will learn how to answer the questions people have before and after a Breathwork session.
  • We will discuss how to deal with certain challenges that can come up when you have a group of people who are all clearing different traumas at the same time.
  • You will find your voice as a teacher and use your own story and experiences to inspire others to do the work and show up for themselves.
  • How to comfort, calm, and hold space for students having an emotional breakthrough while still guiding the rest of the class.

Plus, technical and practical tips, such as why not to use a Bluetooth device for the music in the Breathwork session or class.

You will also get to hear lots of questions asked and answered by students in these videos.

There is no online breathwork training like this that delivers this kind of high-quality experience with this kind of step-by-step Breathwork Teacher Training Guidance.