Breathwork Liability Waiver

This Breathwork Liability Waiver is the intellectual property of Breathe with JP, LLC. By purchasing this waiver, you agree that it is for the sole use of you and your business and that you will not share it with anyone.

Please note:

After purchasing, you can download the waiver from 3 places:

  1. The final checkout screen
  2. From Store –> My Account –> Downloads (you must be logged into the site to access this area)
  3. There is also a link to download in the email confirmation you receive after purchase



I’m not a lawyer so I can’t and won’t give legal advice. These are just the protections I use and I’m making them available to you.

This is the same liability waiver I’ve been using for years. It’s a little more than thorough, in fact, it’s more than required, but I like to be safe. Out of the thousands of sessions and classes I’ve done, unfortunately, very few people read the waiver. People just sign it without question. But sometimes, a person usually lawyers have questions. My response is always, “this is the same waiver as most gyms and yoga studios use.” No one’s really questioning those waivers, it’s just that Breathwork is still an unknown and the unknown scares people. I worked in gyms for 20 years and saw people get hurt daily. I’ve never had anyone get hurt during Breathwork and there are zero reported incidences of anyone getting hurt during Breathwork. With that said, it’s still smart to protect yourself because we live in a world where anyone can sue anyone for anything. So, for those reasons, it’s smart to have a client or student sign a liability waiver before taking a Breathwork session or class with you. I also have liability insurance as well.

Precautions like liability waivers and liability insurance are layers of protection for you and your business so it makes sense to have them in place.

For Liability insurance I use Energy Medical Professional Association and my discount code for students for ten percent off is here: INSURANCE