Is Breathwork meditation? I used to say that it was and now that I say that it’s not.

Let me explain.

If you’re anything like me, someone with a noisy head – meditation can almost be a painful endeavor. Sitting there, trying to become peaceful only to discover you’ve got the two old men from the Muppets sitting at the balcony in your head. I remember when I first tried meditation it was awful and I just thought “Great, another thing I’m terrible at!

Then I found Breathwork.

And it works for me because it was like an actual work out. And I have been working out for years. In fact, I have been a Trainer for many of those years so I was an expert at workouts. Show me the exercise technique and I’ll do it and get the results. This is how my brain likes to work. And one of the many things I love about Breathwork is that the results are immediate and undeniable. And then after you’re done with the Breathwork your head is clear; almost empty in this profound, beautiful way. I think it’s what I think meditation should be, but it’s not. I think it’s the place that people think you get to when you do know how to meditate… But it’s not.

Is Breathwork Meditation?

Absolutely. It’s a departure from the traditional notion of meditation, offering a dynamic approach that resonates with individuals who struggle with conventional practices. Breathwork engages both the mind and body, providing tangible results that are immediately noticeable; unlike the sometimes elusive effects of traditional meditation techniques.

Ironically, after years of doing Breathwork, I now have a very steady anti-traditional meditation practice where I sit cross-legged in the morning. I also meditate in the float tank, but that’s a whole other rabbit hole.

If you’re having trouble meditating or have struggled to try and meditate for years on and off, come and try Circular Breathwork; aka conscious and connected breathing.

I also want to give you some other types of Meditation you can try.

People hear the term “Meditation” and they assume it’s going to be boring. And they wouldn’t be completely wrong. However, I have several meditations that I do that have changed my life completely, and none of them are boring. In fact, one of them will clear out all of your stress and anxiety and fill you back up with love and gratitude.

One trick that I have used is to write down as many of the tasks that I need to in order to take care of my to do list, before I meditate.

Mantra meditation

You will find this meditation a lot in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Although I’m not one for traditions, I like to make things my own and make them feel comfortable for me. With this I find the ‘keep it simple stupid’ approach works best for me. I’ll say something like: “May I be happy, May I be free, May I be at peace” over and over. And I usually start saying this out loud at first and then quietly, and then eventually inside my head. This works great if you like repetition and you need something to do.

Walking Meditation

This is so good for you if you can get out in nature and go for a walk in the woods. Let the path in the woods be your guide in the meditation. Take your time as you walk or get your heart rate up a little bit, but it’s not a work out. Take in the trees, the ground, the sky, the wind. Be present as much as you can by connecting to the incredible power of nature. Try to approach it like a child seeing it all for the first time. Be in awe of the connectedness of everything. When we exhale, the trees inhale and when the trees exhale, we inhale. That may sound woo woo but that is science!!

Breathwork Meditation

There are several types of Breathwork meditations; the easiest is just observing your breath as it goes in and out and not trying to change anything. Just be an observer. Another one I like to do is a meditation where I combine with coherent breathing, which is six seconds in and six seconds out through the nose. No pause at the top or the bottom. This has the benefits of Breathwork and meditation at the same time.

Circular Breathwork Meditation

Of course, my favorite meditation is the one that I teach, which is Circular Breathwork Meditation. The meditation purists may call me a cheater here, but I don’t care because the results are immediate and undeniable. And I’m all about the results! The way it works is this; first you do this intense breathing technique for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. And then afterwards it puts you in this incredible transformational meditative state. It’s basically like working out and then the meditation is the immediate payoff. Your first time should be with a trained (Breathwork) Facilitator such as myself. I do a class online every Sunday with a 72 hour replay afterwards. Not only will you feel more relaxed afterwards than you’ve ever felt in your life, but the most common statement is “OMG! That felt like 20 years of therapy without having to say a word!”

Is Breathwork meditation? Absolutely! And the benefits extend far beyond the realm of traditional meditation. It’s a dynamic practice that combines breath control with mindfulness, offering immediate and profound results that resonate with individuals seeking transformative experiences. By engaging both the mind and body, Breathwork Meditation provides a gateway to inner peace and self-discovery, making it a valuable addition to anyone’s wellness routine.

Here’s a few of the Science backed benefits of meditation:

  • Improves and strengthens immune system health 
  • Lowers blood pressure 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Anxiety management 
  • Depression management 
  • Improves memory and slows memory loss 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Helps with addiction 
  • Regulates mood 
  • Improves attention and focus 
  • Better problem-solving 
  • Slows brain aging 
  • Reduced hypertension 
  • Reduction in chronic pain I
  • Increased life and work satisfaction

There are so many free and paid apps available for meditation now that you could get lost trying to find the right one. Don’t overthink it, that’s the whole problem isn’t it? Just pick one or two and go for it. Give yourself permission to be terrible at it. Whenever we’re new at anything, we’re not going to be great at it right away.

I’ve used insight timer and calm, which are two of the biggest ones.

And if you’re up for an adventure or an experience that you’ll never forget, come try one of my classes in person or online at