People suffering from extreme stress, anxiety, overwhelm, trauma, grief or confusion can reach a beautiful state of profound stillness and exquisite peace; even bliss in a very short time through the act of correct breathing.

The breath is so underrated. It is an anchor; a reliable, powerful and simple ally. It will never let you down -and yet it remains one of the life’s biggest secrets. It is simple, natural and always available-you can’t leave home without it! Relieves you from your day to day encounters with problems like stress and anxiety.

People say things like, “I’ve never felt this still and peaceful in my life”. We crave the experience of relaxation, full body coherence, and bliss. In deeper breathwork sessions people don’t want to come out, in case the peace and calm go away. They want to stay in it for as long as possible.

How come we don’t know about this miraculous and simple avenue for transformation? It’s an interesting question. It saves us a lot of stress, angst, and heartache when we do.

Breathing transforms anger into calmness, restlessness into stillness, stress into relaxation, anxiety into harmony, emotional turmoil into peace, contraction into expansion. It takes us into an experience of space and freedom. Proper breathwork is right under our noses and we don’t give it a thought, we don’t give it the attention it deserves. It’s so close that we just don’t see it. We look for answers in the world around us, anything to help us avoid feeling stressed- we visit doctors, take medication, drugs, alcohol, anything to pacify the symptoms and numb the mental, emotional and physical pain of stress.

It is so easy to move from a place of stress, tension, and discomfort and enter a state of calm, ease, comfort and bliss. Correct breathing is the answer. When you reach a degree of harmony a whole new level of yourself is then available to you.

As a society we have reached a dangerous level of “pressure” and unless we know how to release this pressure it continues to build up inside us and manifests as stress, anxiety, and disease. We often feel out of control. Life can’t be enjoyed when we’re in this constant internal discord.

Your bliss sits underneath your tension. All you have to do is release the tension to experience your “Bliss”. Your breath is your pathway.

There are many different ways to breathe for the release of internal toxins, of which stress and anxiety are.

Two particular types of breathing are vital for good health and well being, and self-control.

  1. If you’re already stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or struggling in some form or other, the quickest way to release this build-up of toxicity from the mind, emotions, and body, is to have a series of “breathwork therapy” sessions or attend some of our online breathwork courses. That will take you to a whole new level of “clearness, ease, and calmness”. You will start to experience your bliss as your tension is released.
  1. Register yourself for a good, experienced “Breathing Coach” and “Online Breathwork Training Classes and have some instruction on how to breathe correctly (of which 99% of people do not) for your day to day living. Being able to breathe correctly and having “breath intelligence and awareness” will lessen or even stop more of the daily stress collecting in your system. You will have control of your life again. Who doesn’t want that!!!!
  2. If you are looking to expand and connect spiritually, breathing is one of the best and most successful avenues. Spiritual experiences are extremely frequent, even when the person is not searching in this direction. Breathing and meditation both “fast track” your pathway to your greatest potential as a human being. Greater awareness is unavoidable and comes easily through these practices.

Your breath is miraculous! Get to know it… and take control of your life!

Come and Join us now for making your life less Stress and Anxiety Free. Find a Breathwork Class Near You or Online Breathwork Class!